Report All Claims Directly to Pizza Insurance

Work Comp Claims can be Reported to PIZZA INSURANCE or Directly to the Carrier. If you report directly to the Carrier please also notify US.
It is critical that claims are reported immediately, even if you do not have all the information. Statistics show that the faster a claim is reported to a Carrier the lower the final cost of some claims will be. Claims Adjusters are skilled at taking the early steps to lower the cost whenever possible.
Claims should be reported same day if at all possible. Most Carriers consider any claim reported after 2 days as being late, and this can have a negative impact on your renewal or terms.
DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE CLAIMS ON YOUR OWNS. Your policy is a contract and that contract requires you to report all claims immediately or coverage can be in jeopardy. By delaying reporting or trying to handle it on your own, you are releasing the Carrier from liability by hindering their ability to mitigate a claim.
Simply put: you can’t try to handle the situation yourself, make it worse, and then tell the insurance company to handle it.
Do not fall victim to this notion that hiding claims is a risk management strategy. Insurance is about transferring risk NOT taking risk.
Claims can be reported 24/7/365 via this website, email or by calling 800-251-7407 and Press 9
Even if you only have the type of claim, name and location please report same day.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Best Practices Tips:

1. Document everything in a timely manner so that the details are fresh in the involved party’s minds.
2. Complete a First Report of Injury on every incident.
  • Send your employee to the medical treatment facility with your work comp policy number and insurance company name (AmTrust, etc). Send the FROI to or to the carrier ASAP.
  • Work Comp claims require a name, date of birth and social security number for reporting.
3. For Hired and Non-Owned auto accidents.
Your driver’s insurance is primary – your insurance is only excess and for liability purposes only – Instruct the driver to report to their insurance.
  • Receive the accident report as soon as possible (Most jurisdictions make it available in 24 to 48 hours).
  • Drivers should never admit fault and they should speak only to police and emergency service personnel.
  • Review with the driver defensive driving practices and counsel the driver on the importance of safety. Consider a policy that when involved in an accident/incident the driver will complete the Book One or other safe driving lessons.
  • If your employee is injured in an auto accident, we need an auto claim information sheet and a First Report of Injury form.
  • Order a updated new MVR on the driver.
4. For Work Comp claims be sure that your managers and supervisors know where to direct employees on the job accidents to the approved medical care provider.
(Once you have sought medical treatment for the injured employee, reporting work comp claims immediately is very critical. Require drug testing for all injured employees seeking medical treatment for an on the job related accident.) Reporting work comp claims immediately is very critical.
Require drug testing for all injured employees seeking medical treatment for an on the job related accident. Pizza Insurance has partnered with S1 Safety who can set up your Drug Free Workplace Program. See Resources tab for more information.
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